Fire Alarm System Dilapidation Management

Keep one step ahead

Most modern fire alarm systems – particularly those that detect smoke, heat or environmental issues – have a design life of 10 years. Therefore, it’s important to regularly assess the age, condition and functionality of fire safety equipment to ensure it’s always working as it should be. As part of our fire alarm lifetime management service, we can not only help fix any equipment failures, but assist you in planning ahead for fire alarm replacement, or enhancement – ensuring your building, and its occupants, remain safe both now and in the future.

Our Service

Proactive management of your systems

By understanding the status of your current fire alarm systems, we can better prepare you to manage faults, failures and fire alarm replacement due to proactive planning.

Reports and recommendations

Drax 360’s system surveyors can provide an honest appraisal of your system, including fire alarm verification, together with a condition report and recommendations. Using this, we'll devise strategies on how to keep your building safe both now and in the future.

Active response to faults and failures

It is increasingly difficult to find spare parts for systems over 5 years old, which can cause issues if you aren’t prepared. We hold spare parts for many common systems, and can respond immediately to fire alarm faults and failures.

Proactive fire alarm verification

It’s easy to assume that your fire detection systems will work when called upon – but this isn’t always the case. While weekly audibility checks and regular maintenance can go a long way to ensuring that equipment is functioning properly, for businesses with multiple sites, this simply isn’t enough.

To avoid unexpected systems faults and catastrophic failure, it’s important that your fire alarm systems are proactively managed. Drax 360 can offer fire alarm verification right through to your systems’ end of life, better equipping you to deal with unexpected faults, and ensuring they are working as effectively as they should.

With our alarm verification and end of life service you can:

  • Get the spare parts or fire alarm replacements you need
  • Avoid unexpected faults or failure
  • Keep your building operational

Control equipment change

While many businesses will make an effort to build resilient fire plans, catastrophic system failure can put significant pressure on resources. With experience in complex sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and education, Drax 360 is able to find solutions to even the most complex problems.

As a result of water ingress, for example, a fire alarm control panel may fail. If this happens in a hospital environment, it’s the ‘responsible’ person’s task to manage a situation where a live building does not have fire detection cover. Mitigation might include implementing a ‘fire watch’ to avoid having to temporarily close all or part of a building. In any event, getting the system back into an operational state is a priority, by either replacing parts or even a whole control panel.

Drax 360 can help you find these solutions – with our proactive management of your systems, rapid response to any problems, and strategic consultancy surrounding fire alarm replacement and verification.

Why Drax 360?

At Drax 360, we take a strategic view to fire alarm verification, replacement and management. We believe that faults and problems can be solved much more efficiently with a proactive approach. Keeping your buildings and occupants safe is our number one priority, shown by our commitment to giving you the best possible service.

Speedy fire alarm replacement

Our fire safety experts take the time to understand your business and fire alarm systems completely, to better inform our reports and recommendations.

24/7, year round call out

Unexpected system faults are no longer an issue with our round-the-clock facility both for contract and non-contract customers.

Wide availability of spare parts

We hold spare parts for many common systems and can undertake fire alarm replacement quickly and efficiently, as part of our complete fire alarm lifetime management service.

Get a free fire alarm system evaluation

Specialising in multi-site organisations with multiple locations, Drax 360 can offer a free fire alarm system evaluation to see how functional your current setup is. Our system surveyors provide an honest review of your system, as well as a condition report and recommendations, giving you comprehensive insight into how your systems are functioning.

Get your free fire alarm system evaluation

Meet our qualified fire alarm verification experts

We all know that investing in life safety systems is important, but there’s rarely a blank cheque available. With this in mind, we strive to design fire safety systems which are cost effective for their entire lifetime.

Glenn Creighton

Commissioning Engineer

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Knowing what level of fire safety your buildings need to be compliant with is tricky. That’s why we work with you to develop a fire alarm system tailored to your requirements and recommendations as detailed in your fire risk assessment.

View our design services

Once your system is designed, we develop your individual solution using market-leading products. Our specialist fire alarm services engineers then install your new equipment carefully – with little disruption to your day to day activities. Your dedicated fire alarm services account manager is also on hand to answer any queries, and keep the installation running smoothly.

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Now you’ve invested in fire protection and prevention, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure your fire alarms are regularly serviced by specialists. At Drax 360, our fire alarm services make this task easier. Our specialist engineers aim to replace parts and fix faults on their first visit. Your systems are serviced and certified, with all details stored centrally to access at any time – giving you peace of mind that your buildings are compliant, always.

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Regular fire alarm testing is an integral part of fire safety and compliance, and you need complete assurance that when needed, your systems will work. With Drax 360’s state of the art technology, testing is no longer a hassle. Check the status of critical equipment in real-time, and view concise reports in one central location. As part of our fire alarm services, we can also advise on BS5839 recommended weekly testing – so you can be sure your systems are always up to speed.

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Professional evaluation is needed throughout the lifecycle of your equipment to determine age, condition, and suitability. Using diagnostic software, we generate detailed reports that will inform decisions regarding end of life replacement or enhancement. We help you decide where your budget is best spent, to keep your systems both cost-effective and compliant.

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