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For the past three decades Drax (UK) Limited, has been shipping critical alarm integration systems to all corners of the globe. Based in Letchworth Garden City, Drax (UK) Limited is now trading as Drax 360formerly Drax Technology.

Systems have been designed in-house, by engineers for engineers, to monitor and manage critical alarm systems. They are deployed in most major industries, including, petrochemical, manufacturing, ports, hospitals, hotels, education, and many more.


Improved compliance

Keep a centralised audit of all your fire alarm event data. Audits can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Increase engineer efficiency

Give your engineers the information they need to fix an issue on their first visit.

Multiple alarm integrations

Drax 360 solutions are designed to integrate with multiple alarm manufacturers.

Works with

Data-driven alarm management solutions

Both business needs and building configurations vary, which is why Drax 360 offers flexible alarm management solutions tailored to your circumstances and environment. Using both on-premise and remote fire alarm monitoring, our customers are free from the regular constraints of alarm management.

Our core solution, AMX, is the industry go-to for fire alarm graphics and is in operation globally. Our systems are used to provide unparalleled oversight of any critical alarm system that requires monitoring and management.

Drax 360’s next-generation offering, SafeVue, allows integrated sites to be monitored remotely. Clients are finding benefits including; improved levels of compliance, higher first-time fix levels and intelligent reporting for system upgrades & repairs.

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Reducing response times and mitigating risk

For organisations with large sites, alarm management across such a huge environment is a challenge. Trying to identify where fires are taking place manually with a limited fire response team is extremely difficult, and can increase the risk of widespread fire damage due to delayed response times.

Using our centralised fire event reporting technology, identifying the source of a fire is simple, ensuring resources can be directed to the exact location quickly and efficiently.

Our innovative software provides a graphical representation of your entire site, where all fire alarm systems are connected centrally to one network. This means that when a fire occurs, you can view a detailed map of your site layout showing the exact location of the fire, and receive next best actions to take – radically reducing response times and mitigating risk of fire damage.

Providing a single point of control across multiple fire alarm systems

Many organisations have the challenging task of managing multiple buildings where the fire alarm systems installed in each will be in varying states of age and condition. Attempting to manage these disparate systems is often extremely difficult and time consuming – yet many businesses cannot afford the investment in a completely new alarm system across the board. Implementing Drax’s technology means you don’t need to.

With Drax 360, you’re able to connect both legacy and new fire alarm systems through a user friendly interface, enabling you to better manage incoming data from various systems, as well as view and control each fire alarm system within all of your buildings. Put simply, Drax 360 facilitates proactive alarm management.

See how Drax 360 provided a single point of access across multiple, disparate fire alarm systems and eased budget constraints as a result for this prestigious University.

Centralising data across multiple fire alarm systems

For organisations that need constant access to fire event information across multiple large sites, ensuring that all data is accurate and up to date is a major challenge – especially with the increasing need to evidence compliance.

With Drax, data from all your fire alarm systems is centralised and collated via a database, making it substantially easier for you to access important information in an intuitive dashboard configured to meet your specific needs. Once your fire alarm systems are connected, you can access, view and manage each one, gaining insight into when limits have been breached or exceeded requirements – helping you better meet compliance targets, and driving better alarm management.

Not only this, but our technology has user friendliness at its core, with a cloud dashboard that you can access remotely from any device – enabling you to access data anywhere, anytime. 

Improving compliance and fire alarm management

Where organisations have huge, sprawling sites, ensuring that all fire safety compliance measures are met can be extremely challenging – particularly when it comes to monitoring assets, and other fire safety equipment.

Using Drax’s technology, you’re able to evaluate the compliance of your various alarm systems and equipment using our intuitive dashboard. It connects to all alarms across the site or across various buildings to an online dashboard, which can be used to monitor changes for quick reactive maintenance, or to send specific action messages to the relevant members of staff. Our software gives you deeper insight into how all of your systems are performing, and enables you to plan for the future, while reducing budget constraints.

Why Choose Drax 360 for your Fire Alarm, Compliance and Safety Management?

At Drax 360, our innovative fire alarm, compliance and safety management technology not only makes it easier to track each of your systems, and better manage fire events – it keeps you compliant.

Innovative systems to enhance your life safety

Our tech-driven fire alarm management solutions are market-leading, and are revolutionising the way multi-site businesses oversee their assets, manage their alarms, and respond to emergencies.

Specialists in complex compliance requirements

We specialise in helping businesses in the healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors improve their fire alarm management. This means we have a deep understanding of the complex compliance requirements your business needs to meet.

Cost effective solutions to save you money

We can drive down your fire alarm management costs by implementing our smart, powerful alarm management technology that helps you divert resources to assets that really need it, and make your budgets last longer.

Some of our clients

See how our tech-driven safety and compliance solutions can help transform the way you manage your fire safety equipment, today.

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Knowing what level of fire safety your buildings need to be compliant with is tricky. That’s why we work with you to develop a fire alarm system tailored to your requirements and recommendations as detailed in your fire risk assessment.

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Once your system is designed, we develop your individual solution using market-leading products. Our specialist fire alarm services engineers then install your new equipment carefully – with little disruption to your day to day activities. Your dedicated fire alarm services account manager is also on hand to answer any queries, and keep the installation running smoothly.

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Now you’ve invested in fire protection and prevention, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure your fire alarms are regularly serviced by specialists. At Drax 360, our fire alarm services make this task easier. Our specialist engineers aim to replace parts and fix faults on their first visit. Your systems are serviced and certified, with all details stored centrally to access at any time – giving you peace of mind that your buildings are compliant, always.

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Regular fire alarm testing is an integral part of fire safety and compliance, and you need complete assurance that when needed, your systems will work. With Drax 360’s state of the art technology, testing is no longer a hassle. Check the status of critical equipment in real-time, and view concise reports in one central location. As part of our fire alarm services, we can also advise on BS5839 recommended weekly testing – so you can be sure your systems are always up to speed.

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Professional evaluation is needed throughout the lifecycle of your equipment to determine age, condition, and suitability. Using diagnostic software, we generate detailed reports that will inform decisions regarding end of life replacement or enhancement. We help you decide where your budget is best spent, to keep your systems both cost-effective and compliant.

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