Fire Alarm Specification and Design

Whether you need to implement a fire alarm system into a single building, or across multiple sites, our expert fire alarm system design team can specify and create high-quality fire alarm solutions tailored to meet your fire risk requirements. We evaluate your circumstances, understand your budget and configure a personalised solution that meets every specific need, using the outcome of your fire risk assessment and the need to comply with BS5389 as the basis for the system design.

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Developments in fire alarm systems

There are many different types of fire detection and alarm systems, ranging from the most basic, manually operated, stand-alone devices, right through to intelligent networked control equipment. 

Until recently, occupants have been alerted via a bell or electronic sounder. However to improve response to alarm by all occupants, different annunciation methods are now being employed including voice messages, vibrating pads, high output visual alarms, and text messages. As fire alarm systems become more sophisticated, it’s now possible for us to tailor innovative, tech-driven solutions more specifically to occupants needs, and develop a fire alarm system that works for you.

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Fire alarm system design developments

Making the right decision

Given the breadth of fire safety legislation and the array of equipment choices and detection techniques available, businesses often need help from a specialist with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience.

To determine the type of equipment you need, we consider the size and nature of your buildings, along with the risk level. As highly accredited experts in the field of fire safety, we can help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing your fire alarm systems.

BS5839 Fire Alarm Classifications

It is a legal requirement that your fire alarm system is fit for purpose. However, before a fire alarm system can be designed, you need to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment which will determine what the system needs to do in order to be compliant. BS5839 divides fire alarm systems into three separate categories: Category P, Category L and Category M.

Property Protection

This category of fire alarms is designed purely for the protection of property, and falls into two classifications, P1 (which protects the whole building) and P2 (which is installed in defined parts of the building only). Category P1 fire alarm systems are designed to deliver the earliest possible warning of a fire, in order to minimise the time taken from ignition, to detection, and subsequently, the arrival of the fire services - while minimising loss to the property.

Property Protection
Category L system

This fire alarm category is designed to protect life. It focuses on escape routes and areas of the building which possess a high fire risk. Therefore, all Category L installations should have a number of alarm devices, such as sounders, beacons, bells and voice alarms, positioned throughout the building - regardless of the requirement for detection devices.

Category L system
Category M system

Category M is a manual operation only system, which has ‘call points’ installed throughout a site. It is not often used for entire premises, though is well suited to specific situations such as workshops or factories where automatic detection would not be reliable due to the nature of the work being done. All Category M installations need to have alarm devices - sounders, beacons, bells, voice alarms - positioned throughout the site, and may be appropriate for specialist areas alongside other fire alarm categories.

Category M system
Property Protection
Category L system
Category M system

Why choose Drax 360 for fire alarm specification and design?

Our specification and design team are dedicated to developing fire safety solutions to meet even the most complex requirements, across multiple sites.

  • Tailored to meet requirements outlined in your fire risk assessment
  • Highly skilled, expert specification and design team
Fire alarm system specialists
Specialists in multi-site

Whether you wish to implement a fire alarm system in one building, or across multiple sites, we have the expertise and ability necessary to develop the solution you need.

Consultative approach to Fire Alarms
Consultative approach

Having worked with customers across a range of industries for 25 years, we can draw upon our experience in environments similar to yours to ensure that the right decisions are made.

Cost effective Fire alarm system design
Cost effective

We match designs to your specific requirements, so no more fire detection devices are installed than is needed, helping you stick to budget.

But don’t just take our word for it…

To see how we can provide a fire alarm system that meets your needs, contact one of our fire alarm experts today.

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 fire alarm services

In addition to our bespoke fire alarm specification and design, we offer end-to-end fire alarm services, with complete life cycle management of your fire alarm systems.

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Find out more about our fire alarm services

In addition to the fire alarm systems created to meet your individual requirements, we offer end-to-end fire alarm services, with complete life cycle management of your fire alarm systems.

Alarm specification and design

Knowing what level of fire safety your buildings need to be compliant is tricky. That’s why we work with you to develop a fire alarm system tailored to your requirements and recommendations as detailed in your fire risk assessment.

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Alarm supply and installation

Once your system is designed, we develop your individual solution using market-leading products. Our specialist fire alarm service engineers then install your new equipment carefully, efficiently and with little disruption to your day to day activities. Your dedicated account manager is also on hand to answer any queries, and keep the installation running smoothly.

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Alarm maintenance and servicing

Now you’ve invested in fire protection and prevention, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure your fire alarms are regularly serviced by specialists. At Drax 360, we make this task easier. If there’s a problem, we can solve it, and our specialist engineers aim to replace parts and fix faults on their first visit. Your systems are serviced and certified, with all details stored centrally to access at any time - giving you peace of mind that your buildings are compliant, always.

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Alarm testing

Regular fire alarm testing is an integral part of fire safety and compliance, and you need complete assurance that when needed, your systems will work. With Drax 360’s state of the art technology, testing is no longer a hassle. Check the status of critical equipment in real time, and view concise reports in one central location. We can also advise on BS5839 recommended weekly testing, so you can be sure your systems are always up to speed.

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Alarm verification and end of life

Professional evaluation is needed throughout the lifecycle of your equipment to determine age, condition and suitability. Using diagnostic software, we generate detailed reports that will inform decisions regarding end of life replacement or enhancement. We help you decide where your budget is best spent, to keep your systems both cost effective and compliant.

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Compliance and safety management

Keeping your business safe and compliant is our aim. Our dedicated account managers will work closely with you to assess your current compliance level, and propose technical solutions where your business is lacking. With extensive knowledge of the applicable regulatory standards, we can help you make the right decisions, and provide tech-driven solutions that keep you safe from prosecution.

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