SafeVue Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring Software

Your compliance tool

Proving compliance with fire safety regulations is an increasing and resource-intensive challenge.

SafeVue from Drax 360 enables building managers to view live data and events from a building’s life safety systems and generate reports for proving compliance.

Set parameters to notify groups of users for system events where exceptions have occured.

  • Identify troublesome equipment and problem locations
  • Set limits to improve the management of the fire system

Put systems into test mode for weekly test and service visits

  • Record events as tests for accurate reporting
  • Set time-outs to automatically switch off test-mode

Notify groups of users of events via a mobile app

  • Segment users, event types and buildings to view
  • Users can acknowledge and take ownership of events

For existing AMX users; connect and view all AMX systems from one online dashboard

  • View live events and analyse data from all connected sites
  • Manage users and their ability to view and use the software

Remotely Monitor Your Fire Alarm

Monitor critical assets

Including alarms, extinguishers, doors and emergency lighting

App-based notifications

Alerts you to activations in real-time, from a mobile device

Monitor KPI performance

Ensure your building is compliant by setting parameters and highlighting exceptions

Manage weekly fire tests

Ensure compliance and service level agreements are met

Improve Productivity

Use data to improve efficiency and reduce resources

Record asset information

To keep all of your information and documentation in one place

How we can help monitor your buildings

Customers can link existing AMX systems, QR asset tags, and long-range sensors to monitor a range of life safety equipment and combine them to aid compliance and system cause and effect monitoring. Recognise where there are compliance issues and when assets are likely to require attention.

Reduce unwanted alarms

Identify trends in alarm activations and pinpoint recurring incidents

Demonstrate compliance

With detailed data reporting of weekly call-point and service testing

Coordinate resource

Instruct your local teams to respond to incidents in a timely and efficient manner

Monitor asset depreciation

Predict and budget for the replacement of single assets with detailed insights

Get in touch with an alarm management specialist

Whether you need to monitor your large building or multiple sites, we can help.

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