AMX Alarm Graphics and Management Software

AMX Alarm Management Software

AMX is a critical alarm management software solution that facilitates the integration, management and control of one or more alarm systems.

Scalable from a single fire panel to a nationwide network of multiple alarm systems, AMX can provide a simple text based alarm reporting tool to a comprehensive graphics system providing detailed floor plan locations of a critical event.

View your building plans using graphics with device-specific details.

  • Control alarm panels remotely
  • Simple to use with accessible support if needed
  • Monitor analogue values*
  • Displays clear & concise action messages in the event of an activation

*certain panel brands only

Where fires occur, proving compliance with regulations and analysing the lead-up to the event is important. With AMX, users can access:

  • A detailed audit trail of events
  • Proof of system servicing and weekly tests
  • Categorised events for trend analysis

If you have multiple sites with varying fire alarm panel manufacturers, we can help. AMX can give you complete visibility and control by:

  • Linking multiple remote sites together
  • Linking multiple brands of panel together
  • Connecting multiple alarm systems

Our Alarm Management System

Aids Compliance

Track the status of systems to provide a comprehensive audit trail

Integrates all systems

Consolidate different manufacturers life safety systems

Manages alarm activations

Receive clear and concise instructions when alerts occur

Reduces search times

Use maps to precisely locate activations and failures

Control systems remotely

More easily manage system devices from a convenient location

Audit incidents

Review comprehensive post-event data

How we can help monitor your buildings

In addition to being quick and responsive way to receive and manage alarms, AMX can act as a detailed audit and compliance based reporting tool. Use the system as an electronic log book or to provide detail analysis on system faults, false alarms, weekly tests and service visits. The system records data on all actions carried out, which can be used as proof in the case of a real critical incident.

Integrate multiple manufacturers

Create an IP based alarm network without limitations in wiring distance or manufacturer of system.

Access verified testing data

Ensure 100% device maintenance of remote alarm systems.

Coordinate resource

Instruct your local teams to respond to incidents in a timely and efficient manner

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