Why do my buttons keep moving?

When you are creating and setting up your graphics, you can add buttons to link pages together for easy navigation. You may notice that your buttons move when you exit the graphic and re-enter it.

The cause of this is having the incorrect font and scaling sizes in Windows settings.

To rectify this, please go to the desktop of your PC. From there, right click the background and go to 'Display Settings'. On the the display tab, there should be an option around halfway down the page that says 'Advanced Scaling Settings'. Once you have clicked on that, you should see a box under the section called 'Custom scaling'.

Advanced Scaling Settings

This box allows you to enter a custom scaling for Windows. We recommend that you set this option to be 125%. Sometimes, this is not always the solution for every PC and you may need to use trial and error to figure out the correct one, depending on the resolution that you are using. You will need to restart your PC once you have made this change.