How do I install a different revision of Network Manager on AMX1?

Occasionally, our support team will ask you to install a different version of Network Manager to the one you already have. This is usually done for troubleshooting, but it could also be that we simply have noticed you are running an older version.

To start things off, please ensure that the AMX1 program is closed. Following that, download the new file from the link provided to you by a member of our support team. Make sure that you save it to a location that you remember!

Next, locate it in the folder that you have downloaded it to, right-click it and hit 'Copy'.

Once you've done that, navigate to the AMX1 root folder. The file path for this is usually C:\AMX1, but can vary depending on how AMX1 has been installed. Once you have located the folder, right-click on the background of the root folder and select 'Paste'.

After you've done this, you should see a Windows Dialog box pop up on your screen saying that you already have a file with the same in this folder.

Update NWM1

Select the 'Replace the file in the destination'. Please note: This screenshot is from Windows 10 and the dialog box may look different on older versions of Windows (XP, 7 , 8 etc.). However, the options should be similar, if not the same.

The new version of Network Manager should now be installed! To check the version number you have installed, go to 'Engineer' > 'Network Manager' > 'About _____ Network Manager'.