How do I add an upgrade key to my AMX1 Dongle?

When you request additional settings or a license extension to be added to your dongle, we will deliver it to you in the form of a license key, usually via email.

Firstly, copy the key from the email we send you to your clipboard. Please note: upgrade keys expire automatically after 4 weeks if they are not used, so we recommend that you add the key at your earliest possible convenience.

Next, navigate to the 'Help' menu in AMX1. From there, click on 'About AMX1'. A dialog box should appear, stating the version of AMX1 you are running and information about your Dongle. In the bottom left corner of the box, there should be a button that says 'Enter Upgrade Key'. Enter your key in here and hit 'Ok' afterwards.

Help about box

If done successfully, you should see a prompt telling you to restart AMX1. This is required so that the changes will take effect. Please also take time to register your dongle, as it helps us improve our technical support by giving us more information about your dongle and current site.

Note: If you see a number in the bottom right hand corner of the box (in this instance, our screenshot displays the number 96), it means that you have the wrong font sizes. Please see here for how to change this.

If the key does that you were sent does not work, please check that you have copied it correctly and that there are no blank spaces in the key. If the key still doesn't work after checking these details, please contact our technical support team.