How do I install a different version of AMX1?

It is important that you are running the latest version of AMX1 as it contains the latest Network Managers and bug fixes.

The latest version of AMX1 can be found in the partner area on our website. Partners may also request this from our support team. As a prerequisite, please ensure that AMX1 is closed and that you have taken a backup of your current configuration. For guidance on how to do this, please see here. You do not need to restore your data from a backup, but we recommend that you take one as a precaution. 

Next, right click the AMX1.exe installer and select 'Run as Administrator'. Follow the instructions and work your way through the installer. After a short setup, the new version should be installed on your PC. We recommend that you restart your PC when prompted by Windows.

Once completed, your data and set up will be exactly the same as it was when you were running the previous version.