How do I create/restore backups in AMX1?

Creating regular backups should be common practice. This ensures that you have a point to fall back on. This also helps assist technical support issues, as our team can load your backup on to their own AMX1 rigs.

Creating a backup is a very straightforward process. Firstly, we recommend that you create a folder for all of your backups. Call it something relevant, such as '*site name* AMX Backups'. Ensure that it is saved to a place that is both accessible and easy to remember (the most common place that this folder is saved to is the desktop). Next, we suggest that you create a sub-folder within that folder, denoting the the date of the backup. You should do this each time that you make a backup, so that you can keep a history of them and rollback to more than one version, if necessary.

Only Engineer and Management user profiles have the ability to create and restore backups. To create a backup, navigate to the Management drop-down menu and head down to Backup. From there, you will be presented with 4 options of different data that you can backup. To start off, click on the 'Backup Program Data' button. This will open a popup box. From here, click on browse and select the path that you saved your folder to. Once you've done that, click 'Back up the program data' and AMX will begin writing the backup to that folder. AMX backup files are a special .amx file type. They cannot be opened in anything except for AMX. You will have to repeat this for all 4 backup type options to complete a full backup of your AMX. 

The procedure for restoring backups is very similar to creating backups. You will also find this under the Management menu. We will use the 'Restore Program Data' as an example. Again, you will have to choose the file path that you saved the backups to. Once that is complete, then you can click on the 'Restore the program data button' and AMX will begin restoring from that backup. If you have larger backup files, it is best if you restart AMX after each of the 4 restores.