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P Systems

Where the risk to life is minimal and the main goal is protection of property, a category P system may be used. A category P system will rely on early detection techniques such as automated fire detection to minimise the risk of damage.

P1 System
A P1 system is used to reduce the time between the ignition of a fire and the emergency response from the fire brigade. Where human intervention is not possible via a category M system, this might mean an alarm signal sent to a responsible person to alert the fire brigade. Detection devices and sounders will be present throughout the building in a category P1 system.

P2 System
In high-risk properties where there may be hazards but are not frequently in use, such as a server room, P2 systems are used to provide an early warning. Devices will be installed in defined areas within the buildings, possibly using other category systems in other areas, depending on their use.

L Systems

Category L systems are designed to protect life using automatic fire detection techniques.

L1 System
L1 is the highest level category for protection of life. Both automatic and manual detection techniques, along with smoke detectors, will be employed throughout the building to give maximum time for an evacuation.

L2 System
Similar to L3, L2 systems will aim to keep evacuation points clear of smoke and warn building occupants using both automatic and manual fire protection, with the addition of smoke detectors in high-risk areas.

L3 System
L3 systems are designed to give an early enough warning to evacuate a building before evacuation points become inaccessible. Smoke and heat detectors should be present in rooms which open onto escape routes as well as in corridors and stairwells.